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Author: fiestyxgirlx18
Pairings:  Bamon

Fandom:  The Vampire Diaries

Prompt:  What happen if Damon see Bonnie on date with Ben? It led to Bamon’s convo & bring unexpected
Rated: any

A/N: This was written for the Bamon Drabble Party at [info]bubbly_fics

Caroline and Damon strolling into Mystic Falls grills, hearing familiar yet soft voice so He turn around to discovered Bonnie on date with Ben

Caroline smiling said “They look so cute together”

Damon said “ Don’t talk please” in jealous mode

Caroline turn her neck around and notice something off about him then drink his champagne, thought “Maybe he is in bad mood”

Damon compelled Caroline to go enjoy whatever she do and goes to bar order his specific drink, sat on stroll while curiously watching them until his drink come to him so He just grab the drink and sip on it, before he leave, He pay it then just walk toward where they are at.

Damon *clear throat* said “Hello Bon Bon, How I just haven’t see you out at night? You look so lovely which has Bonnie glaring at him and give him come back “ Oh it cant be obvious to you what I’m doing so go back whatever you are doing”

Damon just goes for the seat, don’t care about their scowling and annoying reaction toward him then sat on it so He just keep staring intensely at Bonnie said “what you doing with that douche bag, comn on you know you just want me“ while Bonnie feel so tempted to setting his ass on fire , unaware that Ben just leave to meet up with Anna!

Bonnie look around to see that Ben is leaving, said “Thank lot for ruin my date so just leave me be or I will make…which Damon cuts her off said “or what? I’d would to see you try" with smirking and wiggled his eyebrows at her. You just can feel the UST and just want kill it with knife.

Bonnie just stand up and about walk away , feel that Damon follow her, grab her then pull her back door of Mystic Fall outside which she shouting at him to leave her alone , goes for kicking his groin but Damon stop her left leg , hold it then drop it as he just staring so intensely at her.

Damon grip her shoulder and lingering her finger on her neck while pinned her to the wall, Bonnie just shallow her throat and just want to shove him away but feel so tempted to want do something inappriopate to him same time so she struggling to push him away but He too strong for her and just keep his eyes glued to her. Bonnie use her power to throw him away on the other side of wall then walking slowly toward him as they generate heat, Damon just shaking his shoulder and just grab her face with his both face kissing her so roughly yet gentle which Bonnie just tried fight him off but give in to kissing him back with so feverishly!

They are just standing there kissing for good ten seconds, and wrestling for tongue action but Damon won, goes for the delving tongue into her mouth make her quiet moan & biting on his bottom lip which has him growling in low voice then Bonnie just pull away, needing air of breath as giving him glare with swollen lips. She said “we shouldn’t do this” and turn around to walk away but Damon stop her by grab her forearm and kissing her again so full of passion as He said “Little Witch, We danced around this issue so let get it over with“ so She hesitantly yet going to kiss him back!

Tag:bonnie, damon, fanfic, vampire diaries

Frenzied Passion

Title :  Frenzied Passion
Author: fiestyxgirlx18
Pairings:  Malex
Fandom:  Nikita

Summary: What happen if Michael & Alex act on these feeling? It occur around 2 months and half after 1.06 resistance “I’m not going to lose you too”

I suggest you look at this first then read So you can see how It incorporate into my fic

Link: http://www.senorzorro.com/lyndsy-fonseca-maxim-photoshoot-2010/001-2/

Michael just come into her room to find Alex just posing her black lingerie with her clear seductive yet intense eyes on bed, make him shallow his throat & itching to touch her so He just struggling with whether to leave or want kiss her so feverishly as just take her lingerie off right here, 2nd choice finally beat it, so He just walk slowly toward her as She just about to get up sturdy to take his tie off as giving her sparkly eye! Both of them just stumbling into kiss, as their lips meet, It like there short of breath as It is on fire!

Michael just violently pull away from her and said “We shouldn’t do this” which cause Alex scoffing at his body language as She just grab his forearm and said “We just cant hide our desires and feelings and You know It beyond the control” then goes slowly to kiss him with full of passion! He just hesitantly kiss her back with closed eyes then grab her shoulder gently yet roughly, that earn her small gasp, her soft hands slip back on his back as throw his black/gray walking suit jacket on the cold floor, follow to his dress white shirt with it to soak in his cool body, scratch everywhere It take her eyes on his scrupled torso to take his belt off quickly, throw it on floor as their lips find each other in a hot, wet, open mouth kiss, our tongues tangle together desperately and I know he's feeling so much for her by the way his hands are shaking and kneading my flesh. He swivels his hips and whimper “She just so damn beautiful “ with his eyebrow twitch when nervous as his ablaze eyes locked with her sparkly eyes, goes to slip her lingerie off to her knee so He lift her toned legs around his waist as it just drop down on floor but Michael put her on bed then went to lock the door behind them, throw his -oh-so-sexy smirk that earn her lick her lips in anticipation.

As she nakedly lies back, her muscles tighten & toned legs just clasped into top of it. she puts him off for a while searching for an excuse cause He very manly man that make her anticipating for his growing erection inside her tight pussy but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches her and grip on her creamy thigh, caressing the inner thighs with the back of your hand ,kiss his way up her thigh then slowly moving towards the pelvis area to get her aroused and He asks if shes afraid and she shakes her head bravely. He had more experience, but it's the first time, his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and she shivers; her body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within her eyes and tells her to trust him. His cool smile relaxes her and she opens wider to give him more room for an easy entrance then he goes to rub her clit, just earn her shallow her gasp, and swift his finger into her pussy, add his second finger to add the pressure and It felt so good. she practically melted in his hands.

He started going deeper and faster as  bite back a scream, turning it into a whimper when his tongue swipes across my cunt, to find her g-spot so He stopped to keep intense yet concerned eye contact with her as His free hand molded her perky breasts, grabbed , and lightly nibbling on her tits. The quiet groans of enjoyment drove him to run his hands up her sides, on his knees kissing her belly then dipping his cool tongue into her navel as onto her perky breasts,The touch of her breasts caused her to lift herself up slightly, grabbed his hardness through his pants, pulled his pants & boxer down as his cock pop out so She just fan herself & lick her bottom slowly at the size of his good size.

 He bends his knees and places his fingers finger light on my hips, his lips a hairsbreadth away from my face, As He get close to her neck, gently pull her hair back away from her neck and push it aside. Start kissing her neck, eventually working your way to her ear. As you are kissing her ear, press your body against hers.Now whisper in her ear “I’ve just started with you.” Breathe in her ear huskily.Let a little moan go in her ear. This will get her extremely hot. Feeling the pressure of his body against hers as It will turn her on. While you’re working his way up, tell her to look in his eyes. Kiss her soft lips so He can feel her heat. He ask her if she absolutely ready that give her hesitantly nod to his question. He just grab her face tenderly, with an aggressive feeling, and kiss right on her lips gently.

He started to slide his hard cock into me slowly because it was starting to hurt my tight pussy. I held my screams in because we don’t want anyone to caught us. He kept sliding it in further and further, pumping me slowly. Then he started to pick up the pace and within about five seconds of entering me fully, thrusting it into her…She cried out with pleasure & scratching into his back. He began thrusting hard &slow as lurching her small frame forward with every thrust. They rotated and mounted, make her feel so fuckin’ good to keep up the rhythms while keep their insistence, dark green eyes meet moist blue as just don’t know what it is to feel & manifest that intense, eager, craving, demanding, & ravenous desire! He give her final thrusting roughly yet soft to make her come, finally hit the right place then kissing her swollen lips to match their moving hips as their tongue keep battling for the dominative but give up as he get into it then collapsing on top of her body as just fall asleep in each other arms with short of breathiness & satisfied smiles!



Stelena mini fairytale stories

The Beauty and The Beast Fairytale SE style


  • Merchant - Alaric
  • Bella “little beauty” - Elena
  • Elena’s older sisters - Vicki and Caroline
  • Beast - Stefan
  • Evil fairy - Isobel/Katherine
  • Eldest Dukes - Matt & Damon
  • Beautiful Dream Lady- Bonnie

The reason I picked this as SE styles because it is one of the more famous fairytale and it seemed the most realistic that Beauty spends weeks, possibly months with the Beast before falling in love with him. In addition, the message given by the story, besides that main staple that true love will prevail, is that of true beauty is within. Admirable, and rare, it seems these days. So it fit Stefan and Elena and their styles.





Why I love Stelena?

SE Testimonial

There so many reason why I love

Stelena, or Stefan/Elena , it is because I love how they just understand, support, and get each other! I can see that Stefan bring out Elena tough side that hidden away and it will come surface that Elena will not let anyone hurt Him and her loved ones. Elena can bring out his humanity side and love that Stefan always protect his loved ones! I love how they just don’t walk away from each other and sticking together while beat the obstacles that get in their lives! Their LOVE is very stronger than anyone cannot break it no matter what because They always know each other very deep, and know The Journey will brought them together! I believe that they are soul mates because unlike Katherine, Elena accept and love him for who he is! Stefan just love her way she is! You know they just have sweet and natural chemistry! It doesn’t matter if they are individual or together ,we just love them right way <3333

Stelena Drabble Story

Prompt: Stefan and Elena, inside his room

Rated: NC-17

Elena wearing her sexy teddy green lingerie to match Stefan's intense eyes, She could get lose in them because they don't tell a lie that He love her with all his heart and trust him He would do anything for her.

Elena demand Stefan to take off all his clothes with whip tap on the wooden floor which caught his attention and shallow his throat like Oh damn,She is so sexiest thing ever he has eyes on! When She walk toward him very slow and looking at him  with seductive eyes So He just drop his journal and sit childlike to obey her order So He quickly take his tank top and strip pajamas pant then moaning in appreciation that Elena pushed him back on the bed .

Stefan just lay on the center of his bed and let Elena touch his hard rock abs/body slow then teasing him with her sultry kiss led to soft peck on his cheek, jaw, and neck so it make him growling in low voice but Elena hushing him and said "Be patient and let me make you feel so good" So She throw the whip over the bed and brought out whipped cream, and caramel syrup from his night table so Stefan arched his back Which Elena slowly crawl on top of him while put the whipped cream all over his body then grab the caramel syrup where she spray it all on his abs!

Stefan said "oh yeah" please do it so Elena gladly licking and teasing his each of body part then Her mouth latched onto the small knob in the both of his nipple, sucking it roughly between his hungry teeth, massaging his hips with her hand then said ooh that so tastes so delicious! Stefan said "ooh yes baby" which Elena lean her face inching close to his face, turned around grab the strawberry then bite into it! She kiss him so feverishly and licking his lips with dripping taste! Stefan roll her over underneath him and ask her if she is ready for take his cock inside her with his intense eyes and smirking! Elena gasping and said "oh yeah you know how I exactly want it " So Stefan doesn't think twice but slipping her lingerie aside, enter her in one quick thrust, pounding harder like she'd ordered him to.

Elena's mouth formed the usual 'o' shape, gripping his shoulders, her lower half moving with Stefan's in a mind blowing thrust.

"Harder!" she ordered, and Stefan began to pump his cock further into her, if that was possible. He was so deep and didn't think he could go any further. He pulled her away from the bed. He thrust hard into her pussy, grunting and moaning all the while.

She grabbed the edge of the bed, arching further into him, meeting his hips thrust from thrust. The feeling of his rock hard cock being shoved deep into her pussy made her even wetter. Her wetness coated his dick, making it that more easier to slide in and out of her.

"Stefan, oh, god, more." He grabbed her hips, shoving into her swollen cunt over and over again. Her feminine muscles clamped down on his dick, sending the both of them over the edge into the heaven they always shared. They snuggling each other and pulling each other in a passionate and sweet kiss then drift off to deep sleep with their satisfied smiles.

I suggest you check out Elena lingerie link : http://www.fhmus.com/site/content/article.aspx?id=37786

Please leave comments on my 1st story! Thanks :) It will meant lot to me and know you support me &SE

Why I love Bamon<333

There are many reason why you totally get into Bamon, Donnie, or Bonnie/Damon…Why I LOVE them is that
they just clicked right away and blow my mind away every scene they are in with pure ust longing , explosive angst,
awesome back and forth banters, and sizzling chemistry! I love that Bonnie just can bring his humanity side out without
he noticing it and Damon just can loose her up and lead her to enjoy& embrace her supernatural side as Bonnie would
make him see that he can embrace his humanity side! I also can see that they can rule the world and are on fire so
be careful world bec once they finally get together, you never know what is unexpected from them and can bring so
much more in their scenes as you know you would enjoy every minutes of them and Kat&Ian make them so real with
way they interacting with each other and you just cant deny their chemistry. I believe that they are soul mates and
can bring darkness/light & teach more toward each other as they can be transforming into powerful supernatural couple
and are great individual and together, you just love them right way<33.